Master Artisan Bata Carmen

Posted by Erika Salazar on Dec 9th 2020

Master Artisan Bata Carmen

Woman of wisdom, certainty, and sweetness.

Doña Carmen or Bata Carmen as she is called in her community is a master artisan. ‘Bata’ is an honorary title for her work as a woman of spiritual and cultural knowledge in her indigenous Kamentsa community. She is a custodian of the art of loom weaving as passed down to her for generations by her grandmother and mother. And now her legacy is also carried on by her daughter Maria Mercedes.

Aynan Designs pays tribute to her under our ‘Manos de Luz’ (Hands of Light) project and honors her as an artist and an artisan teacher. She has inspired many women and girls in her community and currently employs more than 25 women, many of whom are single mothers. Her designs are imbued with messages of harmony and beauty and are inspired by her relationship with nature and the visions that she has received through her connection with the sacred plant medicine of Yagé.

Talking with Bata Carmen is a delight for me as a woman, because in her simplicity and in her gaze, her words deeply penetrate the feminine mysteries of creation and history. The symbols, colors, and symbology in her art allow me to feel how mastery lives in the experience of doing and in the memory of perseverance and determination.

Bata Carmen comes from humble beginnings though through her commitment to her art she has empowered many families to have financial stability while also passing on the great artistic traditions and ancestral legacy of her community to future generations.