Aynan Designs, a project of Circle of Sacred Nature, 501c.3, is a tapestry being woven with the love and vision of women artists and healers.  Founded in 2016 by sisterly trio, Celina, Erika, and Kopali, Aynan Designs was inspired by our mutual love and respect for indigenous American traditions of art and design. We strive to bring you unique and classic pieces that highlight the talent of native artisans and that enrich your life with their inspiring beauty.  

As apprentices of traditional Amazonian medicine and ministers at Circle of Sacred Nature, we share a deep bond with each other and also share a close relationship with the family and community that makes our signature Putumayo jewelry and textile collection. Through our small woman-owned company, we seek to create a new marketing opportunity for them and to expand and include works by other artisans from other regions we also love and treasure. 

We started selling jewelry and textiles many years ago at our healing gatherings and events. Many of the designs we carried represented stories from indigenous cosmology and the yagé medicine lineages of the Upper Amazonian region. This opened our eyes even more to the amazing aesthetic value of native beadwork and textiles. Everyone else seemed to love our pieces too! 

We're grateful to everyone who has supported our marketplace efforts over the years. You have helped us learn to travel deeper into our inquiry of the stories and legacy from which these art and textile traditions emerge. We hope we can continue to appreciate, value, and make a positive exchange with the people who make these treasures and that our new online marketplace will help our circle grow and grow.

We present you a collection that includes timeless as well as original designs created by us to appeal to your adventurous spirit.