Our dream is to create a socially-ethical marketplace that honors the beauty of our continent's indigenous art and design heritage. 

Our marketplace seeks to be a new space in which to make an exchange between producer and consumer in a way that celebrates beauty, respect across cultures, and the value of traditional artisanal practices so that they may live on for many more generations. 

By cultivating direct relationships with talented artists, many of whom have inherited their crafting traditions through generations, we are able to bring you a unique line of beautiful designs directly from the creators! Many of our products have a unique story behind them that reflects not only individual significance but also an entire cosmology with meaningful insight into the interconnected nature of our world. 

We hand-selected or commissioned our pieces with a lot of love and we hope you will love them too. 




'Aynan' is the Kamentsa word for 'heart'. The spirit of this business is based on our heartfelt love for supporting the sustainability of traditional cultures and indigenous artisanal pieces. Aynan Designs is our way of sharing our passion with you.