Social Impact


Aynan Designs is dedicated to creating sustainable and empowering relationships with our artisans. Aynan Designs and its NGO Circle of Sacred Nature have been working hand in hand with the ancestral traditions of the Sibundoy Valley for more than 17 years. Our Putumayo line was founded upon our close relationship with the family of master artisan Carmen Agreda Chindoy. As students of amazonian medicine under the lineage of her husband, Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy, the founders have a very close relationship with the family and with many talented artists and artisans of the Kamentsa community.

Our principles and values are rooted in our spiritual work and we are committed to respect, diversity, and reciprocity. This is reflected by the various projects we have carried out in solidarity with the Kamentsa community to strengthen their indigenous heritage through direct support for their culture, traditional medicine, food sovereignty, and resistance.

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Our deep connection with the community and our sincere commitment to meaningful reciprocity, is what inspired our social impact project, Manos de Luz.

The Manos de Luz project seeks to empower and strengthen 25 artisan women in their artistic work as weavers of ancestral knowledge, memories, and traditional cosmology. Every 3 months the project will feature one artisan and interview them about their training process, listen to their message, and offer direct support with a bonus of 30% of the profits received in this period of time from the sale of Aynan Designs crafts. Our goal is to meaningfully support our producers as the vast majority of these women are the head of their households or single mothers. 


As our line expands we will be cultivating similar projects with other artisan producers of Aynan Designs. 


Check our first feature Artist of the Kamentsa Community: 

Master Artisan Bata Carmen